Welcome to UABRO!

Global community for scientists, engineers, designers and developers

Statute of UABRO

As a global community we fully respect rights and freedoms of each individual set out in UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our main principles are:

  1. Care about universal and eternal things.
  2. Global cooperation and feedback.
  3. Smart approach.
  4. Anyone may play a key role.
  5. Pave the way beyond general expectations.

Our main tasks are:

  1. Develop methods and tools for remote cooperation.
  2. Refine and expand enabling environment.
  3. Propagate science and share knowledge.
  4. Propagate renewable energy, internet of things and other advanced technologies.
  5. Engage more people in order to make our organization more valuable and to do more and better things.

Main principles related to our products:

  1. Only best technologies.
  2. Perfect, futuristic design.
  3. Focus on what people really want and need.

General principles of UABRO members:

  1. Share abilities and responsibility between members.
  2. Scientific approach.
  3. Aspiration to create and discover perfection.
  4. Internal understanding of reasons.
  5. Continuous development both of mind and body.
  6. Nurture and enhance UABRO culture and values.
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